Wednesday , 12 August 2020


(john critchley)

You’ve got two eyes and pocket
Strange eyes of the visionary
No one knows where your name is
You only live in memory

When you walk down the street
They throw rose petals at your feet
I didn’t know you were for real
Until i saw you today on tv
Live at 3
On cbc

They said, "the saviour has returned today."

They said that you were from heaven
They said that you rule
Well it must all be true
Because you look so cool

They said you returned
To wash away the sins of the world
Well, holy fucking shit
Sweet jesus, won’t you touch me please
Set me free
Save me

The saviour has returned today

They said you were from heaven
They said that you ruled
Well it must be true
’cause you look so cool
Your eyes are like pools
Come on sweet fool

The saviour has returned today

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