Wednesday , 12 August 2020

Going Under

I hear the door slam shut, so i know that you’re home
You’ve been out all night, i’ve been here alone
And i’ve been wondering if you’re the same person i knew
The bright lights that shine in your eyes, they make me blind

I hear a footstep on the stairs so i know that you’re near
You’ve returned from pursuing your nocturnal career
And i don’t ask where you’ve been, with who, or if they’re your friend
’cause i don’t really want to know right now, i don’t know when i will again

Going under, drifting down, going under
And i know you’ve still got a ways to go down before
We can rise back up into the light
We’re going under, drifting down…

I hear you coughing in the hall so i know you’re all right
It will be morning soon, through the gloom i see daylight
But in this room right now i am alone, i am unsure
I don’t know what you feel anymore and it scares me so


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