Monday , 6 July 2020

Archers Of Loaf

After The Last Laugh

Here out past the tracks where the drunks collapse Old suckers can score on the indigent whores. Way after the last laugh has swollen itself shut When all that’s left are the true beer hall drunks. The elegant whores are waiting inside One hundred dollars can buy you no time. The teasing diseasing the carnival crowd Is waiting to blow …

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White Trash Heroes

Frozen out of focus, the sunday crowd Started dreaming of television turned up too loud. Coded conversation, half baked and tired, Left us sleeping on blacktops burning the motor mile. And underneath the arcade, details collide There’s good shopping, but all those patrons have too much style. And moving in slow motion the boulevard started seeping With them half-ravers and …

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Underachievers March And Fight Song

Doomed to fall. Smashing thier evil empire up Against the wall. All for one, One for all. Till there dumped in… Freespace. Secondhand freespace. Kick the grand plan. Steal the free space. There’s no fear when the meaning is clear. What free space, free space. Underachievers Attack at your leisure. Hoist up your guitars And make them all believers. Underachievers …

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Fashion Bleeds

Fashion bleeds, stains and frees, spreading all life’s scum and sleaze. Spitting fire, in the eyes, of the least suspecting patrons. Turning cold, with control, killing everyone who knows Standing by, in the aisles, watching recent complications. (repeat) You can hear their shouts from cars, see cigars burn in trendy bars, flicking ashes on the heads of teenage kids with …

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Dead Red Eyes

Dead red eyes flickering half bright went on for ride (?) In slick silk. they were on to my circumstantial slide, Blow by blow chipped off shell and bone. tripped and talked around It could not fall through the crowd of careful lies busting open wide. Sensible fact of favor, watch us fall from your favor. (?) Since you knew …

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Perfect Time

There is no perfect time too fast or slow, standard versus strong (?) The truth be told you can’t play much, can’t play slow. Forgive me i owe them this swollen joke. Oozing from your throats that clutters and control. Since you busted every window and knocked down every door Cut up every alleyway and smoking every whore. You turn …

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Harnessed In Slums

Too harnessed in slums, to rock you wrap your throat. Standing over your common ground. Snuff the leader with the bad assed plan. Take what you want from the palm of his hand. We’re running joke, running jokes, running dry. Strip the color from the meat of my eye. Lick the loser, just don’t make him stick. Lay it on …

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Slick Tricks And Bright Lights

X’ing out the numbers puts me in a slumber Can’t call for help and nobody’s at home. Had a premonition, icy cold suspicion Fueled by superstition and slick tricks bright lights. It takes one million strips of paper fastened by one staple. To take the upper hand they say you’ve got to have a plan. Simple concentration, choked with hesitation, …

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Nevermind The Enemy

Let’s raise the glass. Let’s peel the eyelids back And toast them. And we can watch their plans fall through. I’ve found a reason to quit. And i can stop when i want. And i can call it off any time i want to. If i could light your cash, You can smoke your stash. Sucking on your best friend’s …

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