Thursday , 9 July 2020

Arch Enemy

Web Of Lies

Weaving a web – of lies and deceit It’s a dangerous game – we play All this time – the pain eating us away All this time – the memories refuse to fade A rotting shell of dying trust We share this hell at any cost Phases and stages Circles and cycles And empty charade This pointless masquerade A dangerous …

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The First Deadly Sin

Step inside the circle of fire Flames of desire enlighten the night Follow your instinct Burn and writhe in ecstasy Love will turn to hate Heat will turn to ice There is nothing in between The first deadly sin Ancient taboo takes control The demon eve possesses your soul Riding high above the flames You will step into hell [Lead …

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Behind The Smile

Sands of time Running through my fingers My life slipping away And I feel nothing Swallow the tears Eat the pain – It’s worth the degradation – Eat the pain Behind the smile / I feel nothing I reach out to touch, but I’m not really there This reflection in the mirror Can’t reality be me I see no connection …

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Shadows And Dust

At the mercy of our conscience Confined within our fate Never really questioned why We are refugees in a dying world To become a part of the end Are we the ones, the ones to blame? We are mortals of shadows and dust [Lead melody – Michael] The sun sets on our sinking ship of fools On our journey into …

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Lament Of A Mortal Soul

I am forced to creep down the path Of my sad and senseless life Darkness surrounds me At the end of teh tunnel there is no light A blackened void, nothingness Lament of a mortal soul Who am I? Only dust in the blowing wind Am I dying? My name dies slowly Echoes into eternal oblivion Replaced by others, castly …

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Bridge of Destiny

Standing at the bridge of destiny So long since I tasted fear Lurking in the darkest holes Awaiting my minds weakest moment Old words from an old world Against the laws of nature They say the truth is overrated Wall of anger corrupts my thought Standing at the bridge of destiny Show me a sign On the verge of losing …

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I am hunting for your soul It dwells within your heart I lacerate the pounding flesh Your spirits shall be mine So rise my spirit rise! Revel in this dead mans’ body Grip his soul, sip the blood Life is death A holy carnage Ravenous I will be your god Carnivorous Jesus I need your flesh Ritual slaughter Fill up …

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Enemy Within

Dark thoughts rise up Deep in your mind The killing of hope The end has begun The locked psycho-door breaks down The beast breathes freedom and fire Blows bloody thoughts into your mind Demons whisper: "COMMIT SUICIDE!" Weak is your body, Helpless your soul, The beast destroyed your will Left nothing but an empty shell Self-destruction leads its way Your …

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