Tuesday , 7 July 2020

April Wine

Love Has Remembered Me

Written by: myles goodwyn Love won’t remember me It’s been so long And that’s what i’ve told myself But you proved me wrong You opened up my eyes And helped me to see That love has a way of finding Those in need Love has remembered me (love has remembered) It seems too long since we’ve been together Love has …

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Written by: myles goodwyn There was blood on the table And there were tears in the wine With a sole invitation To lay it on the line She said somebody help me Somebody help me break free And there were eyes in the darkness And they were looking at me We started runnin’ through the dead of the night I …

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Open Soul Surgery

Written by: jim vallance It’s been a long time since we been travellin’ down On the wrong side of your love But i don’t care if you think i’m wasting my time You’re the only one i’m thinkin’ of Well i spend my whole life travellin’ around From town to town and i need Open soul surgery Open soul surgery …

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You Don’t Have To Act Tha

Written by: myles goodwyn You act like someone else and i don’t know why You try to pretend you’re hurt but you won’t cry And i don’t believe the things that you told me I know that you only do it ‘cos you’re lonely And all your friends have lost their way And you don’t know who you can turn …

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Hold On

Written by: myles goodwyn Why do i speak if no one hears Who can i turn to if you’re not there And why do i carry on the way that i do Why do i question myself like this over you ‘cos trouble and sorrow – it’s all i can feel There’s so much confusion it seems so unreal Hold …

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All It Will Ever Be

Written by: myles goodwyn The night is late and that’s all it takes With your body next to mine It’s the way we feel it’s the love that heals And no one’s been unkind And there’s no lies about tomorrow or yesterday There’s no place for being wrong in what we say And we’re not sayin’ that it’s right this …

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Wings Of Love

(myles goodwyn) Published by goody two tunes, inc. – bmi I don’t want to go downtown I don’t wanna move, don’t wanna stay this way Missin’ you the way i do (missin’ you the way i do) Wishin’ you were here, wish i could be with you Maybe i should call you, i don’t know There’s something you should, and …

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Wait Any More

Written by: myles goodwyn You’re a restless girl To drive a man insane With the same old story You play the same old games You could always make it easy But there was no way out If you want, just say that you’re sorry But there’s nothing you can do without So give a little and take a little for …

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Rock N’ Roll Woman

(myles goodwyn) Published by goody two tunes, inc. – bmi Get ready baby, when things start to move Stand out the way, yeah, when she starts to groan She’s livin’ her live just as much as she can Just her and the music of a rock and roll band It’s music that takes her away nearly every day No folkie, …

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