Thursday , 9 July 2020

Apache Indian

Shackle & Chain

Chorus Free up the shackle and chain hail me bredrin Mek them know you no care bout them system Respect you have but no wan be no victim Mek them know you no follar follar follar them Verse Well every morning jah jah no that me rise Them look ina me face and them look ina me eyes Say all …

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No War (live Good)

Chorus I and i no deal with no crime tell you people I and i no fight ina no war Defend the good i say we fight gainst the evil Bad boy and me we no spa Verse Young man have fe wise Situation a gwarn in front of them eyes Tell you people don’t act so surprise The youth …

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Calling Out To Jah (remix)

Chorus (apache / luciano) I know a place where we can go – and i know a place to be free And i know a place where we can go – lets unite and live in love and intiy Calling out to jah – calling out to the highest father Calling out to jah – to mek every man come …

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Arranged Marriage

The time has come mon fe apache Fe find one gal and to get marry But listen when me talk tell everybody Me wan me arranged marriage from me mum and daddy Chorus Me wan gal from jullunder city Me wan gal say a soorni curi Me wan gal mon to look after me Me wan gal that say she …

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Chorus Wine your body Wriggle your belly Dip and go down in a the new stylee Wine and go up, wine and go down Bubble and a rock ca the new style around You fe line it up, you fe wine it up Do the boomshackalak till the dance hall full up The boomshackalak it a the brand new style …

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Hindi chorus Bitawo mujshe pyar tum kithna karay deh hauh (tell me how much you love me) Pyar pyar pyar mujshe pyar (love me love me love me) Apache chorus Gal me love you me wan kiss and caress Tell the gal a fe me lovin are the best Gal me need you need you badly Tell the gal about …

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Chorus Fe everyday that you get up and you do something right You will get reward in a your life And fe everyday that you get up and you do something wrong It always come back until you learn your lesson Verse So clean up your heart like you should If you wan live good ina the neighbourhood Clean up …

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Chorus I and i respect all religion I and i me pray to the almighty one Me give thanks and praise fe the righteous way But me can’t follow…no me can’t follow one Verse Me say me look to the hindu ca me a indian Me look to the muslim and sikhism Ina india too much to choose from Sit …

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Peaceful Island

Chorus I want to live on a peaceful island – reap the fruits of the good seeds i grow I want to live on a peaceful island – good vibes everybody watch now ¡­¡­..repeat Verse Tell you again ¡­see all the sistren Them a princess that we must defend Watch out me friend¡­fe every day that you spend You always …

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