Sunday , 12 July 2020


We’ve Come For You All / Shaker

The mind can atrophy such mediocrity things aren’t what they seem sometimes and every waking dream repeating central theme if we don’t wake up do we die? and when the best can be worse than what’s usually found it’s all between the lines then patience starts to bleed increasing enmity its time to let the bullets fly developed all exposure …

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Strap It On

And my plate is full And I feel the pull And my time is spent Searching for something that came and went Take me back Take me back to a golden time From ’75 to ’79 And it makes it easy, so easy for me Strap it on Strap it on my old school I change by staying the same …

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Black Dahlia

Hardcase Fist full of brass Double barrelled pistons and a tank full of gas He’s a heavyweight Enforcer inside Like a man in the chair he’s gonna go for a ride Break him Take him down Squeeze him, watch him drown Against lightning The wind from his sails Take on a man who’s harder than a coffin nail Priceless, the …

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Harm’s Way

Here comes the biggest asshole That the whole world has ever seen Watch as things turn to something I never meant to be Call it a side effect of my arrested development Here with you i’m trapped, out of my element I tear through all this wreckage You left when you dropped the bomb Is there something worth saving Or …

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Cadillac Rock Box

It feels good to be here Ass bet broke and I don’t care Yeah, so good to be clear I can testify Listen I cant fake and attraction to it Magnetic, it pulls so hard When two powerful forces collide and break down Inside and break out at the speed of sound Locked and loaded I can’t hold it Pick’em …

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Hog Tied

I have something i can reveal I get off on laughing It’s like the biggest orgasm If you like i’ll share it with you When you give up yourself, you do it peacefully Then you feel no plight and you think you’re free Give up yourself There goes your chivalry From on top of the world, i’ll throw you down …

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Taking The Music Back

Your lies that took me where I’ve been Your lies don’t make me who I am Your lies that left me scarred And so fucking hard Your lies that burn me deep inside Your lies that helped to bleed me dry Left on your own Because your cover’s blown I am, taking the music back Against your will I’m not …

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Big Fat

Looming large like a favorite son One more time comes my obsession Like a mountain stream that ends in mud I’m wading in waiting for the flood, sinking You did Left me hating, contemplating Left me waning, slowly draining Feet of clay that are stuck to the floor And with vanity you want more I’m drinking strength for comic relief …

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