Sunday , 12 July 2020

Anthony Hamilton


[Speaking] Good evening ladies, and gentlemen welcome to the uptown sound WUPT FM. i’m your host for this evening, Rich nice And we’ll be listening to the soulful sounds of the dynamic Anthony Hamilton featuring Terry Robinson So lay back, and feel the soul I will go with you anywhere, or anyplace just to see the lovely smile upon your …

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My old lady’s on the other side of town with her ex-boyfriend Drinking again, drinking again So you choose to lose someone who loves you and a real good friend For a bottle of gin, a bottle of sin You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille Now I’m sitting at the top of the hill Now my heart …

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Verse I Woke up this morning found a letter that she wrote She said she’s tired that I’m always on the road To hard to swallow being alone She needs someone at night that she can hold She must have told me a thousand times and more> Silent cries I use to ignore God knows I love her Didn’t mean …

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I’m a mess

I’m Mess Can’t believe Aught No noooo I’m so torn up now I can’t believe I lost u Lost my best friend My soul mate, I can’t believe it true We’ve invested in Set of twins Small house Feel n all cried out Knew I was suffering Equal change of my pain Me and u were meant last forever And …

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comin from where im from

verse 1 sittin here guess I didn’t make bail got time and a story to tell started when I was 9 years old woke up and daddy was gone i started hustlin’ and they couldn’t tell me nutthin’ frontin’ in the hood tryin to be somebody my soul was on empty i was searching for something tried to be good …

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Better Days

There’s times i didn’t wanna bother you You were at work all night I didn’t wanna complain But i realized the compromise that loved ones make Im holding on for the future Some more better days with you (Chorus) Be without you Oh couldn’t be without you Oh i live for your love For you Say what im there when …

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My first Love feat. Latoiya Williams

Verse 1 Now we’ve been thriugh too much together And that seperates us from the rest Now we are approaching up on stormy weather Let’s see what our love is made of I hate you were crying last night Said I should’ve been by your side Girl, please don’t you leave me And girl, don’t you say goodbye Chorus Now …

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