Tuesday , 7 July 2020

Angie Stone

Bone 2 Pic

Source: janis (janis@betatesters.com) Ali shaheed, on the mix Kickin’ it with angie stone Uh, take it back, take it back Tell me what is up with you Heard you got a brand new crew Spending money like you rich Tryin’ to keep up with your bitch Seems somewhere you lost your soul Cuz you forgot the debt you owe Left …

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Black Diamonds And Blue Pearls [interlude]

Source: janis (janis@betatesters.com) We set up a jude of color For the darker shade Set us up to never win Stiffling one another, slamming doors Pushin’ and shovin’ each other, oh 1 – black diamonds and blue pearls Small bits of sand Made by the hand that bruised the world 2 – oh, black diamonds and blue pearls Molded of …

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Don’t Wanna Ride Without You (bonus Track)

Source: janis (janis@betatesters.com) I’d rather be lonely and in pain Then be surrounded by my enemy with joy to gain I’d rather be rich in spirit than poor in fame I’d take a one way ticket to anywhere Just to regain 1 – to me it would be the hardest thing To lose out on every single dream Cuz i’m …

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Angie stone Source: janis (janis@betatesters.com) I find a quiet place Just a small simple splace Just to thank you lord, for your blessings I know that deep in my heart I’m no good when we’re apart So here’s my love to you Thank you

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Everyday (neptune Remix)

Source: janis (janis@betatesters.com) Ghettofabulous98@hotmail.com Uh, uh, uh What? check it out Angie stone on the remix with who? Neptune, uh I’ve had my bouts with love I’ve been going through things you never heard of Breakin’ up and gettin’ back together Faced with all kinds of stormy weather There was a time thought i’d lose my mind My friends and …

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Holding Back The Years

Source: ghettofabulous98@hotmail.com Ooh, yeah, ooh, ooh Oh yeah, uh-huh Listen Holding back the years Thinking about the fear i’ve had so long Will somebody here listen Listen to the fear that’s gone Strangled by the wishes i begged for Hoping for the unmade for To get to me the sooner or later Oh lord Ooh Holding back the years Chance …

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My Lovin’ Will Give You Something

Source: notorious70@hotmail.com [angie stone] Take a little love of money that u keep on I know it’s time for u to settle down Stop foolin around You keep searching but u don’t know Which corner found, And telling u life is hard and history And every move u make is just gamble So leave your inambitions behind And give me …

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No More Rain (erick Sermon Remix)

Source: ghettofabulous98@hotmail.com Janis (janis@betatesters.com) [angie] Alright come on 1 – [angie] My sunshine has come And i’m all cried out And there’s no more rain in this cloud My sunshine has come And i’m all cried out And there’s no more rain in this cloud [angie] There’s no hiding place When someone has hurt you It’s written on your face, …

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Wish I Didn’t Miss You

Same old story is back againShe’s not a lover, she’s just a friendI’m sick and tired for you to blame on meNow you think it’s funnyNow you wanna spend your money on girls But you forgot when you were downThat I was around Call my lover, hang up, call againWhat in the world is happeningListen in, but don’t yell at …

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