Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Anal Cunt

Saving Ourselves For Marriage

I saw your deep blue eyes from afar I saw you at the church bazaar I asked the priest to introduce me to your mother And I asked her to introduce us to each other I asked you to go on a picnic of our own But you insisted on taking a chaperone I apologized for being so bold and …

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Greed Is Something That We Don’t Need

Help! This is Mother Earth! Somebody please help me! The corporations don’t even care While the rain forests go bare Oil spills & tanker wrecks Don’t show the sea creatures any respect The park turned into a parking lot The woods turned into a shopping mall The swimming hole turned into a sewer dump Isn’t there anyone who cares at …

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I Respect Your Feelings As A Woman And A Human

I was watering my rose garden and you walked by my place I almost ran up to you in a lustful, unsensitive haste I almost cried cause I acted so insensitive But I wanted you to know about the feather-soft warmth I could give I respect your feelings I respect your gender I respect your existence I’ll always be tender …

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I Wanna Grow Old With You

I wanna wake up with you every day of my life I’m oh so glad that you’re my loving wife I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left me I’d be worse than a ship lost at sea Oh baby, you I wanna grow old with you My love for you, baby Will always be true When you’re …

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I’d Love To Have Your Daughter’s Hand In Marriage

Please Sir, let me court your daughter I’ll treat her like the way I oughta When I take her out I’ll have her home by ten I’ll treat her better than the rest of the men I’d love to have your daughter’s hand in marriage I’d love to push around a baby carriage I wanna shake your hand & call …

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I’m Not That Kind Of Boy

I was selling flowers by the side of the road And you came to the flower stand I was telling you about pansies and roses But you tried to grab my hand I’m flattered, but it’s my choice Sorry, I’m not that kind of boy You may see a heart as a toy Sorry, I’m not that kind of boy …

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In My Heart There’s A Star Named After You

As I look out the window, at the lights in the sky It brings back the memories, and a tear to my eye I see a star that we picked, as the landmark of our love Our love would never die, as long as it was lit above In my heart there’s a star named after you It’s still inside …

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My Woman, My Lover, My Friend

You were my high school sweetheart and my girl next door You’ve been my lifelong best friend and so much more We matured into each other’s arms, we were never apart You blossomed into the woman who owned my heart You’re my woman, my lover, my friend I pushed you on swings, we played in the sand I bought you …

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