Tuesday , 14 July 2020



Featuring carl thomas [amil] Yo, ever since i known you, you been out to get me Acting like my peeps, but i know that’s how you tricked me Love to see me get high, love to see my tipsy Heard you even wanna stick a little chip in me You been trying to play me close ever since my shine …

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[amil] Uh, yeah It’s like….i don’t know what to do I mean, what should i do? Uh, yeah, yeah yeah See i’ve got lil secret But i don’t think i could keep it Now when you first stepped to me Didn’t think you wanted to do me Started taking me to dinner and the movies Had me open off the …

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That’s Right

[jay-z] (amil) This how i creep on ya asses See how the beat is building i creep on your asses (just blaze) Let me show y’all what the fuck i mean Uh uh jigga man ya heard Amillion ya heard Rocafella ya heard The dynasty lets go Hook 1: [jay-z] (amil) All my ladies (that’s right) You pop cris (that’s …

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[amil] I’m making it hard for these little rap chicks to come out I’m coppin’ whips you in the street with your thumb out You wanna battle but when it’s time to spit you dumb out Singles i’ve touched been going platinum since the first one out I put on seven niggas just to carry me on Amilliyon say the …

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4 Da Fam

Featuring beanie sigel, jay-z & memphis bleek [memphis bleek] Yeah yeah (uh uh) Memph man, my nigga tah phife This ones for the family (what’s up?) Understand me, yeah (uh-huh) We gonna do it right For all these bitch ass niggas talkin gangsta (r-o-c) We dem killas, real, and in studio Check it out, yo Aiyo, this time it’s for …

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Smile 4 Me

is it a blessin’ to live or a blessin’ to die? Let me finish off this hell with no questions why I should be happy i’m on and i’m dressed in fly but is the game changing me for The extra pie? If you could just look into the life i live 360 catching up on all the trife i …

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I Got That

Featuring beyonce [amil](beyonce’) Uh, uh-huh Amil-lion, yeah roc-a-fella (oh, oh yeah) What? huh, uh-huh (oh) Yea-yeah, yeah, i got that Uh-huh, yo, yo I make cats pay like lay-way Own like they stole Deal with late pay and i got that from hawk Plus i got my own bread You ain’t gotta wave them over my head I got that …

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