Sunday , 5 July 2020

Amanda Wi

Do U Still?

I think u still like me This is what I think about while I sleep When I see ur face I see pain without a trace in any case I still like u I think i love maybeits just a word from above no matter wat will u stand by my side will say somthing then later i find out …

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Don’t come back

The day u said goodbye and u said u didn’t want to see me cry made me try to be a better person please tell me why u left me the way u did can i have the truth I want the honesty and if u rather lie The please ill try not to be rude but the way u …

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No more

u used to love me for me now u expect me to take this negativity u never want my company no more u can’t even look me in the eyes not even to say goodbye now i see how it is boy u just don’t call me no more u can’t even walk near me why don’t u call me …

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