Tuesday , 14 July 2020



Say it as i dance Say will you dance Falling wonderful love She says that’s enough The plane is a bird The final wish absurd To fly on the wings i feel Can make her so real Then i’ll manage it One thing of us is done Burn little fire above it Underneath it all There’s a modern world That’s …

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It’s raining My mood is grey I would exchange Some sunny days I lost the smile Lost the knack Lost my mind Read my book Sin paid again Lost my concentration then Lost the plot Lost the track Lost my mind Won’t come back Won’t be back It’s raining My mood is grey I would exchange Some sunny days

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Clear Sky

So some say somehow Who was high stays down I don’t think you understand me I don’t see your fault lies I just wanna talk for now And though the way i struggle It grab and take hold of me Always the one And always enough to be The ultrasound strike in the sea Let me open That i’ll crash …

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Al Sation

Anytime now You will see me I’m trembling when you smile And pick me up right off the floor I hope so How could you know? Let me see your eyes It’s been awhile Should i Act surprised How could i come ’till i’m at your house Too honest for this Will you dare light me more than Sunlight ever …

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Here’s only so much more The day is full To reach Understanding And all at once i knew I fan the truth over to you Excused Your flame Sold us I look away (?) There’s only so much more There’s only so much more Hey lonely Still looking for perfection Bleed and hold it Miss the moment When there’s only …

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Would you mind taking over I need time Time’s against me At the moment And the world is too But give me A space To breathe It’s there for me Used to feel that i was guided Gentle hands to spell me on Open arms With open eyes And dreams Should i shout it down Or runaway Stay and fight …

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You find out words are the same when you shout I’m forced out I’m someone childlike My first time Wonder when you’d come So the mermaid’s run For now the magic’s gone Falling under the water where i don’t belong Beaneth the mud and mead There lurks like a dark seed A memory long gone A world so chained up …

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Sample : Michel Legrand from ‘Delaney takes a break’ I’ve never pretending have the truth Anyhow I should listened to you I’m very sorry Is it right now. Helen white : Be a friend Don’t learn at my expense So concerned Despite your empty words I care, be there But leave me breathing Don’t despair I know why I’m so …

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This was the one and only So pure, so pure You named the stars and told me They’re all yours, they’re all yours And all at once i saw the sign The very extreme of lies And my pain Smothering My pain Cover it I can’t feel your pain but I can taste the rain i’ve laid I lost my …

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