Thursday , 9 July 2020



Staring into my eyes finding the difference deep in me try to erect my spine by selling my personality Harming the ones I love sharing the hate that is shaking me trying to stop my fall Fragments of warmth are leaving me Building a wall of lies creating a mask of confidence filling the cracks that show with the solitary …

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Farkas’ Lemma

All along the endless hyperplane seeking for eternal visions In his brain the cone wide open not knowing anything about strange decisions Feeling emptiness by being filled with thoughts heading forward to specify infinity The definitions are taking turns reaching the limit of ability Farka Lemma told you so stay out of the cone Farka Lemma told you so stay …

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For God & The Nation

Under the flag of honour marching towards the front for god and the nation facing the battlestorm young men join the colours heroic deeds in mind the idea to kill the enemy drives them really mad For God and the Nation win the day Don’t surrender til the battle is won but they’re falling one by one Roaring guns and …

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Everything I see is coloured grey that’s no recognition in dismay every system has its second sight indefinable the ruling might Talking black and white to lay down what is wrong and right tell the lie of good and evil narrow minded view the source of all religious stew cause everything I see it’s all just shades of grey Trying …

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Silent rejection whenever you see my face but deep inside your glances burn liquid release is running down my throat deceitful warmth fullfills my bones No place to rest, no home to stay no life to live, no role to play the fear of living day by day No god exists that I can pray society that I obey the …

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Late Onus

Talk scream to my dreaming but trembling mind Break slumbering thoughts that I suddenly find Waken invisible memories breaking the seal Caught inbetween feelings that noone can heal Drive in me dive in me deep in my brain all these malevolent forces arise in me I’m thinking back to find the truth the cause is burried in my mind I’m …

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Scanning the crowd for a beauty My vision’s prepared by my lust my senses are searching for signs the only thing that I can trust The scent of musk fills my nose Hot eyes staring deep into mine the steaming curves of her flesh hit me right into my spine Roaming through alleys in darkness in search for pulsing blood …

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Living in blind superstition fearing malignant unknown former believe old tradition faces behind the mask tribute to natures renewal wishing for better times it used to make sense to our fathers but what is its sense today repulse the frost dispell your sorrow welcome the spring drink untill you smile Merry-go-round, merry-go-round merry-go-round, merry going round It’s time that I …

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Profondo Rosso

Forming fantasies of hate with pure demise cause in her eyes there’s no disguise an open gate Although the mirror bears the sign truth passes by unseen for days the victim prays Kept inside for all those years the strangled dreams she dreamt the unflown tears suppressing fears bringing death to mortal life the soul to please to reach release …

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