Sunday , 5 July 2020


Up Top New York

(A+)Yo it’s on tonightJump in my whipFeeling rightPick my man up from off of the stripWe take flightWhat the dilly fellaAint nothing reallyGetting moneyBefore we hit up topLet’s hit the spot and cop a twentyHit the southern statesSo we can bounceRegulateThrow a tape inJoin this new jokeSmoke escapingWindows tintedThey coming down cars on my hornIt’s my mom on the other …

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Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself..9-8, get it straightYo, yes yes y’all steady playin the wallToo young to sip alcohol at the barI’m ready to jet, girls actin bourgeoiseYo Kedar, let me hold the keys to the carI’m in front of the club tryin to bag a chickTryin to get five of em, cuz the whip seat sixFeelin aight, chrome lookin real tightWatch the …

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Boys To Men

[Mr. Cheeks]Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin deathPark side, Queen’s niggaz representLong Isle, how we do? They new our styleRepresent niggaz in and out the P nowYo, I could do this mother shit for a whileI don’t give a fuck, my rap style be true yoYo, eh yo, yo, yo, how we do this Hey yo well back on my …

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