Sunday , 12 July 2020

A Flock Of Seagulls

European (i Wish I Was)

I wish I was A European I wish I had European style Designer cars And that way of living With burning eyes I could watch you smile I wish I was An Afghan Standing on a hill Spear and shield in hand I wish I had Black zulu pride And maybe then I wouldn’t need to hide I wish I …

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Heart Of Steel

Heart of steel Heart of stone What i feel I don’t know You can turn water Into wine You can make a hell Out of this paradise With your heart of steel A heart of steel Breaks a heart of glass What i need I don’t breathe to ask The heart of steel The heart of steel The heart of …

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Never Again (the Dancer)

I walked alone through the city streets I hear the shadows calling my name Lost in the glow of the neon lights My heart is calling Say you will answer me Never again Dancing alone under the cloudy moon Feeling the rhythm, feeling the heat No one can see all the tears i cried Dancing alone, lost to the beat …

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Remember David

Remember david’s eyes The way he used to hypnotize his young Remember david’s words The words he said to us when we were small Remember david’s hair The way his long hair fell across his brow Remember david’s smile I wonder where he’s gone to now? The world keeps on turning Everybody’s asking questions Tell me david, what’s the secret? …

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Story Of A Young Heart

This is the story of the young heart This is the story of the young heart This is the story of the young heart This is the story of the young heart It only seems like yesterday We were walking in the rain It only seems that our own soul Since i looked into your soul Is tearing me apart …

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Suicide Day

I’ve got a question I’ve got a question you should know Give me the answer Give me the answer for my sobs Give me a reason, it’s for the things you said and done Give the answer Why did you leave me alone You got to tell me You got to tell me what’s gone wrong Give me an idea …

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I’ve got information, ‘something you should hear, Electrical motion Is in the atmosphere. Something in the air has Given me a scare, Electric in my fingers, Electric in my hair. Electrics ev’ry where Electrics ev’ry where Thinking of the future, Living in the past, Electric interference, Disturbance from the blast. Electrics ev’ry where Electrics ev’ry where Electrics ev’ry where Electrics …

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The More You Live, The More You Love

You never give your heart to a stranger Or tell your secrets to a friend You’ll put your heart in mortal danger They all desert you in the end The more you live the more you love Or so they say The more you love the more you go away They say that nothing lasts forever And even true love …

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