Thursday , 16 July 2020

504 Boyz

I Can Tell

(jamo) You ain’t gotta say too much From the look in your eyes I can tell you want to fuck (mercedes) And you ain’t gotta call me ya boo Just as bad as you wanna fuck I wanna fuck too (jamo) No, no, no you ain’t gotta say to much From the look in your eyes I can tell you …

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Say Brah (radio)

[master p] Say brah, I got to say wassup to all the soldiers and soldierettes And to this district system free Soulja slim Cause they jocking our style ya heard me? [mac] (master p) Say brah (no limit) Say brah (no limit) Will you please get up out they way brah? (no limit) Say brah (no limit) Say brah (no …

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Up Town

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My Life Is Sweet

[Chorus – 2x] My life is sweet You could tell by the Benz and the Beamers and the Jeeps Big wheels, big grills make them say oooh-weee Custom made Bentleys, t.v.s, mink seats Make them scream wha-wha [Curren$y] Cars and shut it down any set, first dude in the city To have Intevet, equipped with the Internet Performance chip is …

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Tell Me

(*talking*) 504 i solemnly swear that I’ll snitch Or testify on any of my homies That’s the code to the streets, ya heard me What’s up Krazy, we in here The New No Limit, code to the streets baby [Chorus] Could you tell me where my niggas at In the pen, or the grave I’d never figure that Could you …

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[Chorus: repeat 2X] Y’all don’t wanna war wit us, in this steel we trust When there’s beef best believe we bust We can take it how you want it cuz we thuggin over here Pure, uncut, raw butter over here  [Yukon] Yo you see the game getting better this year They done put P with Afficial something better in here …

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Everywhere I Go

[Curren$y] A lot of niggas is saying they don’t like me  Because I flow so tightly, my wrist wear glow so brightly But I ain’t gonna quit, niggas know I go hard And a dog don’t settle for shit You might see me on the block, but if I see the police I break out, cause I’m allergic to the …

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Haters Gon Hate

[Chorus: Curren$y] When I pull up at the club in a big black Truck on dubs (these niggas gon hate) Cause I’m doing big thangs, and I got a lot of ice In my chain (these niggas gon hate) When I come through the door, and take all the hoes I know (these niggas gon hate) Cause I’m playing with …

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