Thursday , 16 July 2020

2 Skinnee J’s


Check out the scene, We’re stuck in a tractor beam With the r-2 unit And the whole skinnee team From the moons of endor To the land of lando We take the whole damn posse To wherever the van goes The chase is on And we’re close to capture Imperial forces don’t really know what they’re after Which way did …

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Artificial Flavor

2 skinnee j’s acting crazed as of late Sorry, it must be something that we ate Sensiated what we gave you Our behavior will astound you The artificial flavors all around you Well, its the flavor save ya save ya here to save ya Or dehydrate ya I’ll back you up, Pardon this behavior Give me nutra-sweet Powered cheese Extra …

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Lets get this party started, I’ve got the gas grilled started. I wanna see your weenie shrivel I wanna see your burgers burnt . I wanna see you toast your buns, Toast your buns on my deck tonight. I’ve got the gas grilled started So lets get this party started. Pump up the gas grill Pump it up, While the …

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Girl With The World In Her Eyes

Here i go! geronimo! vertigo to free fall The girl sets my heart racing, but my engine is stalled Now i pace myself ’cause i gotta stay in front man Blast like an astronaut, crash like a stunt man To worlds where witty boys get the pretty girls they merit But she holds the saddle, the stick, the carrot So …

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Irresistable Force

Get on your feet, Nap time is over With the quickness Can i get a witness Like jehovah Amen Keep it up ¡®til i say when now I’m busting’ out the playpen It’s the era (era!) Of j gueverra (vera!) Sparking’ revolutions like the one ton imera The thought of getting’ played from the hands of the creator Locusts devouring …

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The j’s in the dell, the j’s in the dell Hi ho the merrio the j’s in the dell Old skinnee j’ had a farm e-i-o- Planted breeds of the seeds And i need to watch them grow for me High the sky high body and in spirit Here a rhyme there a rhyme Everywhere a lyric Our delivery is …

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Wild Kingdom

Here’s the confessions of an unrepentant skinnee From the depths of my soul In my hole in new york city I arose from my frozen abode In the north came forth on course And write my rhymes from the source To delight dr. lecter i’ll recite some invective of my own Here’s my quid pro quo omens and portents Have …

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Skinnee Business

I said, "yo, This is a mic test" Are you ready for the two skinnee likeness? You gotta look hard to find Cause we are not high profile Can’t catch us cause we go high speed mobile So accept your fate, You’re on the skinnee time We’re copping cold jams As the riffage for the rhyme We are the rap …

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The Best

Call me special, Stickman stencil, Thin like pencil I’ve got a thumb so i can pick up and use them utensils My credential, i’m prehensile And i may be standing still now, But my energy has potential Boom! We explode like the hedgehog, Sonically We’re dooma to the goombas When we jump up marionically It’s immaterial, Cause i’m ethereal Some …

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