Friday , 3 July 2020
a garden covered in snow

Tension Makes A Tangle

[ music: john lombardo/lyric: natalie merchant ]

As frail hinges
Pivot on a case’s door
Souvenirs from places
Containers change
With each occasion

A cellophane encased
Display of paper
To credit years of service
A tool of central enterprises
The early hope
For permanence
The words
The rings
The social security
A miracle is high tragedy

Thought mistaken
For a memory
Clear the dust from
Smiles in boxes
Pass a patterned wall
Recall their voices

A local post
Will list your friends
In order of
The lawn scattered

Tins feed birds
A portion baked for
Absent guests
And the mass edition icon
God sent comfort
Your salvation
But who grants absolution
For sins that
Never were committed

Tension makes a tangle
Of each thought
Becomes an inconvenience
Sound as it never penetrates
As servile edges
Break and

Thought mistaken
For a memory
A dress length
A fractured family tie
Another christening


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