Friday , 3 July 2020
Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape. lovatnet lake.

Grey Victory

[ lyrics: natalie merchant/music: j.c.lombardo & robert buck ]

There was light and atomic fission
Swelling wind
Rising ash
Tide of black rain
Cement seared shawdow traces
Reminiscent of their last commands

Instantly one thousand flames arising
Ill scent the burning hides surrounding
A settlement debased entirely
Enola gay had made a casual delivery

Please build a future, darling
With our bomb
Cherish and love it
For the sake of
Earth bound kingdom come

The undersides of fallen metal trusses
Evil debris of human bodies
Each window’s glass shards pelted
Secure confines
Brittle collapse

Neighbors lay beside
Each other unknowing
Faces scorched of all familiar bearing
Too few hands
Many wounds for closing
Marred by
Fear lamenting

Here we stand
At the door to gold atomic age
Don’t spoil your face with worry
Trust in
Earth bound kingdom come

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