Sunday , 5 July 2020


Sunday Blue

"Sunday Blue" Neriah/ Avid I know you understand the way I feel you know it’s true I know you won’t look back if you should feel the way I do When morning comes we may have learned a thing or two Sunday blue When nothing goes as planned it’s so unreal it’s nothing new how long will it take for …

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Always Something

"Always Something" Neriah/ Avid a lot of things I’ve never seen are now in every magazine so many things I’ve never known on all the latest t.v. shows anything that’s too extreme you’ll find it on the movie screen and everything that’s overblown on all the greatest videos what a nice surprise when you realize you’ve been "hip"-notized the latest …

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By the Wayside

"By theWayside" Neriah/ Avid It’s just a matter of time before it all goes away so tell me everything will be o.k. You never know what you’ll find beside your feelings today oh, don’t you know- there’s got to be a way By the wayside Whenever nothing is right and everything’s upside-down know that something’s got to turn around I’m …

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My Evil Twin

"My Evil Twin" Neriah/ Avid/ Dan Stark From one altered ego to another one’s fantasy and yet how should we know? I confess that it wasn’t me So if you hear no, speak no, see no good just don’t be misunderstood and if two wrong’s don’t make it right keep this thought in mind- It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, …

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Painted Smile

"Painted Smile" Neriah/ Avid Falling in too deep it’s getting hard to hold on maybe if I try it won’t be long drowning in my sleep far away from it all maybe if I cry it won’t be wrong, it won’t be wrong but I can’t deny my painted smile down on luck it’s getting hard to reach time maybe …

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