Sunday , 5 July 2020

Authority Zero


Look at the blueprints as they dissapear This is a blank space filled with all our fears To make a move could be devestation To take a chance is the way to face them Make a it a choice to take a different road You want a revolution? You gotta make a difference on your own Want a revolution? Stand …

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Find Your Way

What did you want? What were you waiting to see? Just take a look around, you’ll find the same old story I’m unconscious again finding a means to an end I’m trying to forget all about forgotten So what’s the use in making lies up, when promises have dried up Go out in the end Living in your misfortune and …

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Mexican Radio

I feel the hot wind on my shoulders And the touch of a world that is older I hit the switch and check the number I leave it on and then I slumber I hear the rhythm ringing through it Flamenco guitar y Cumbia music I hear the talking of the D.J. Let’s have a listen What does he say? …

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By myself I sit alone I’m wondering about a poem I can’t express the way I feel in words I start to write when I’m all alone I can’t say that I know what I’m talking about I can’t say that I can keep below a shout I can’t say that I want what I’m writing about I can’t say …

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I see you walkin’ as you’re walkin’ by I gotta wonder, gotta wonder why I’m gonna give it to you just one more time Cuz baby when I see your face You take me away to that special place Take me away and you’re tellin’ me that you’re mine You’re never ever gonna see That baby it’s just you and …

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Sky’s The Limit

Yeah! Yeah! Every single day when I get out of bed Well the chances are I’m gonna wind up dead Well, don’t you know that it’ll be alright? Well what I don’t know about is bottoming out On an obsession putting me up on a mountainside Up high, yeah that’s right Look down I see, all the distance around Staring …

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Some People

As you go! On your way, throughout it all, without a questioning of consequence in store And all the things that you wanted, made for a better way of everything they’re using you for That’s when you feel like you’re dying, and want to and some place to go And then you say that you’ll and a better way, like …

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Mesa Town

I’m going down to Mesa Town, I’m gonna see what the fuck is going down Don’t know all you people here, so I’m gonna have another beer 1, 2, 3, 4 Billy’s headin’ out the door He’s going down to Mesa Town and lookin’ to score Billy don’t know you people there So if you got beef I got his …

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Over Seasons

Over seasons, like so many times before You drop drop drop it ’til you break down the walls Over seasons, when you come disobey Just keep on droppin’ ’til the break of the day Over seasons, like so many times before You drop drop drop it till you break down the walls Over seasons, when you come not obey Just …

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