Thursday , 9 July 2020

Attica Blues

Now You Know

Standing at the crossroads, Wondering which way to go As i look around i see i’m not alone on this side of mine, ’cause this time, I know i’m doing nothing wrong Should i bust a basic left? Or go on straight ahead, And let that roman way decide fate through this path of mine, ’cause this time there seems …

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The Quest

I am I am searching I am searching for faith, beauty and hip-hop I am searching for all those who died between hip hop and heaven And all souls set adrift and free from bedlam With headstrong lyrics that rise like smoke from silver incense burners I wonder who stole the thunder with the rasping edge And who banged for …

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Look At Yourself

You’re a big fish in a small pond Everyone knows your name, so you claim Out for fortune and for the fame, Though you play your life like it’s just a game I’d rather be fabulous than famous Live my life steady than nervous Always looking over my shoulder Never knowing what’s coming round the corner Look at yourself Look …

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Reality has checked my me Time is expecting what i’ve been rejecting for so long My body is calling, energy level is falling, And i’ve found i’m not as strong as i used to be Is it all about security? I need to provide to stay alive, Build a future,build a home 10 years from now thime will run out …

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Backstreet ways Crowded dorways The darkness scares you Do you dare to look into those eyes Their kindness must disguise Ulterior motives Will you ever know if the shadow’s that Follow are only yours Don’t look behind Keep your eyes on the road Trust yourself But none else My friend Extend a hand But beware Of the ones that bite …

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What Are You Gonna Do Now?

I’ve been all around the earth to many different places Spoken in tongues to mnay different faces And after i couldn’t communicate the beat was my language Bridging divides between days of our lives What are you gonna do now What are you gonna do now I’ve been all around the earth to many different places Spoken in tongues to …

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