Thursday , 9 July 2020

Atlantic Starr

I’ll Remember You

Words have left us all alone and somethings come between us to turn the fire cold Thoughts that chase you in the night silently the storm the life from in your eyse and i remain alone, no matter who may try and take your place oh no Chorus.. And I’ll remember you the dreams we could of dreamed the tears …

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Circles, goin round in circles Circles, goin round in circles You’re taking too much time To make up your mind Either you love me or you don’t And all the other girls In your crazy mixed up world You said you’d drop them But you know you won’t sometimes I think about forgetting you But it’s so, so hard to …

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Girl you are to me All that a woman should be And I dedicate my life to you, always A love like yours is rare It must have been sent from up above And I know you’ll stay this way for, always BRIDGE And we both know That our love will grow And forever, it will be You and me …

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A simple touch of your hand, And everything is right. The gentle way you look at me, When we kiss goodnight. You’ve given me the freedom no other love has known And now I thank you girl , thank you girl The countless ways you’ve touched my heart Is more than I can say The beauty that you’ve shown to …

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Secret Lovers

Here we are the two of us together Taking this crazy chance to be all alone we both know that we should not be together, cause if they found out it could mess up, both our happy homes. I hate to think about us all meeting up together, as soon as I looked at you it would show on my …

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