Sunday , 5 July 2020

Ass Ponys

Blow Oskar

It’s oskar and he’s blowing his horn And revving up his engine All the way through rabbittown The devil comes out on the proch And says, ¡°if i had a nickel For every time i’ve heard that horn.¡± The snake man from on the tv Figures he will wiggle Until the good lord takes him home Grow like a weed …

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Cancer Show

Hey jen It’s me again Tell me, how ya doin’ I know It’s been a year or so It’s like i died or somethin’ The weekend just went by so quickly And now it’s incredibly slow We’re savin’ it up for the cancer show I guess I’m suited to this mess To life among the ruins Call it fate My …

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Dead Fly The Birds

She bolts the door To shield us from the storm All the windows locked All the curtains drawn Too afraid to look Too scared for words Out in the night sky Dead fly the birds She speaks of ghosts That she alone can see Out in the rain Invisible to me

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And She Drowned

The girl paused at the doorway looking in Her past was in there somewhere It was hiding in the rafters For the chance to drop and get her The girl paused at the doorway looking in She could smell it as she entered On the curtains, in the cupboards It was hanging in the air And all around The floor …

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Your parrot, he mocks me You better shut him up Or else he’s had it I swear it, i’ll kill it And throw it down the basement stairs You watch me Redway, redway My name is Hey barkeep, i’m hungry So pass me down those pickled eggs And hurry You tell me they’ll kill me Well if i die then …

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It’s Summer Here

There are thirteen headless turtles Hanging on a line Their severed heads would snap a stick And break your finger pretty quick The blood is draining from their necks And out into the grass The flies are buzzing all around A hatchet sticking in the ground The river looks like chocolate milk It’s foaming at the banks The snakes come …

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John Boat

So they found your brother’s john boat And they filled it up with fish And your brother didn’t find it for a week And you said that you could smell it From a hundred yards away And that you helped him dump it in the creek So you came upon a raven And you thought that it was dead But …

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The night terrors are upon you Pressing on your chest Don’t worry, i believe you You were hagged last night A girl without a face From her cold embrace You sat bolt upright The night terrors won’t forget you They will come again When you’re sleeping and when they do You’ll be hagged that night A girl without a face …

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Some Kind Of Fun

The quiet one, the one named steven Listens to the voice of reason They miss him at the kitchen Where he’s given daily bread Another one, the one named harry Vegetable or visionary Said he had a dream with steven Flying overhead He watched him until he lost him in the sun He must be having some kind of fun …

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