Sunday , 12 July 2020


Voice Of America

I heard you on the radio Some other time From some forgotten studio Way down the line So long, so long i’ve waited now To hear you again That song, that song will still remain Become an old friend And now, the tears are in my eyes The sound you can’t disguise The truth comes back from lies And all …

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Wildest Dreams

They decorated all the generals Who fought the wars behind the lines They had forgotten all the soldiers The brandy put them way behind the times Insanity has found its way to tv screens Vision seems impossible to me They fight {they fight} for king {for king} and country I never would have thought this in my {chorus} Wildest dreams …

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Lying To Yourself

You tell me lies that you believe, you say it’s the real thing I can see how you’ve deceived, I know what’s happening And seeing is believing till you find out that you’re blind You’re lying to yourself, lying to yourself You’re lying to yourself, lying to yourself Wake up shake up turn around, I’ll give it to you straight …

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Ride Easy

Many days i’ve traveled but i know not where i’m going to I’m lost, lost along the way From mexico to paris, always the same solitary circle In an empty café Their faces were so empty meaningless and negative to me I could have died The bodies and the strangers reflected in their glasses as they drank not seeing eye …

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Am I In Love?

Standing there i’ve been watching you All alone your face says it all Desperately i need to talk to you Can you see me will you answer my call Am i in love or is it the magic of tonight Am i in love or is it the magic of tonight And will it be right tomorrow morning Hold me …

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Days Like These

The sun was shining The sky was crying It just tore apart And down came the rain And i was soaking Yeah i was freezing But i was feeling No kind of pain Come a fireball I held it in my hand You see before you A man who’s known greatness I had a vision A revelation I took a …

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