Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Ashley Stove

Out Into The Race

(or, suv protest song #3) Oh, out into the races Oh, out into the cold Where the cars look like bad belly dancers They try to get a hold of me But i move to the side Back and forth between i glide Using moves they’ve never seen In my metal death machine Relaxing later in my seat Warming myself …

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Don’t Wreck Your Car

Morningshine I don’t see your kind much but i like it like this If you wreck your car I won’t get to see you in the morning If i was a fly on the wall I’d watch over you like a fly would do I’d show you how To make the air a force field around you Your car is …

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Amen Grasshopper

Your words dig in under my skin I try to get at them but i’m faint I’m tainted, Lightheaded like animation All over me I think i’m gonna make a run for it until i’m safe With your eyes to the sky Your grasshopper hands are starting fires Too sweet you sweet thing You appeal to my vanity I’m enthralled, …

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Blue Crop Duster

She blasted straight up like a blue crop duster A tiny vulture to where the air is fresh and clear In her blue bathing suit with the green and yellow fruit I hear bells around the sound of her voice from where she’s at Helicopter hummingbird Can you stay at my window and tell me what you know Concentration beyond …

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A Secret Secret

I’ve got a secret secret It’s coming out to meet you Now it wants you to hear it through It woke me up at home It won’t leave me alone I’ve got it in my speakers, too And it feels like a smooth velvet balloon It’s starting to move It’s travelling up my throat too soon Yeah it’s a crush¡­a …

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If You’re Going Away

Green branches rain-soaked roads Make you want go away I want to go too Put this city behind me and you Blank pages Fill them up With the things you want to say It shouldn’t take long From the things you’ve said so far today Blue sofa cradle me in your arms and let me sleep Disintegrating, fading to another …

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Devo Freak

Dance moves all summer long You’re sticking in my head As soon as i get down a step or two You change them up again Machine, gotta lotta chrome And so much metal tone And a silver suit And red headphones You gotta like a girl like that A little smooth a little out of tune My devo freak Back …

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Three Days Since We Spoke

It’s been three days since we spoke Since you thought of me I can tell by the way the air smells The way the earth rotates And it hurt my side When i recognized it’s all over now And when i start to vilify you It gets closer to the end But i’m not waiting for you conclusion You just …

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You Stole Something

You stole something that i can’t put my finger on But i know it was you So don’t come around trying to look so smooth You took something that i’m missing but i don’t know what Could be a record or a ticking tock Don’t know what i should do I’ll find out just what it was You can’t hide …

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