Thursday , 9 July 2020

Armor for Sleep

All Warm

i’ll find a cave for you for you to run to nothing can break through stone you’ll sleep through winter you’ll never feel the cold the years will be all warm you’ll bury yourself when you’ve had enough and the world will think that you’ve just run off but ill always know how you chose to go, inside your still …

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Being Your Walls

Pull your arms up around your knees And hide out inside your room Pretend you can’t feel at all Just realize that I know how you feel now If all i am is distraction for you then i can’t complain that you can’t feel something for me Take all you can find in me Can you think back to when …

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My Town

Streetlights look like ribs on my block… I can forget… where I am now… smiling as I pass some parked cars… I can forget… where I am and… run through my town… scream till I faint… stumble around… scare kids away… worn out I’ll be… asleep on the street… watch my whole town… attempt to wake me… sidewalks lend their …

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The Wanderer’s Guild

I can speak when I want to employ my voice ’till it burns through the core of my own throat speak until the demands gone you should be downstairs with them you’re wasting your time again Listen i’m fine now Listen i’m fine now Listen i’m fine now i don’t want to talk right now thankyou for your concern i …

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Frost And Front Steps

I’ll be by the front door… we’ll leave when you want to… you’re having a good time… and you know me… I’ll wait around… I’m standing outside now… no one’s around… it’s so cold my lips are numb… I’ll sit on the front steps… and wonder if I will completely freeze out here… I hear you from inside… you’re laughing …

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Phantoms Now

Tonight at tweleve we change ourselves Froget this world we know transparent we’ll be… invisible so they won’t see our hearts beat we won’t hurt a thing we just want to haunt this house… at least for now watch us change… kill the light phantoms now dead tonight [Chorus] You’ll be a ghost I’ll be your dream You’ll float through …

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You appear like raindrops And live like you sink through The streets that you fall on The cars that slip on you All of this for just one night Suffocate me, all you need, I won’t breathe but it’s okay You’ll be somewhere around me And I won’t need air The clouds will break my house And throw me from …

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Kind Of Perfect

Can I just be something… somewhere in your room… that you won’t notice… maybe I’ll be paper… or books thrown on your floor… move me when you want to… I’ll live where you put me… in your vcr… if I become a cassetee… or on top of your computer… if that’s where I would fit… then so be it… but …

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Slip Like Space

Watch me point to the sky, You laugh and say I’ll never fly, I’ll smile as you walk away, I always knew I couldn’t stay. Full throttle now. The Milky Way can’t wait. (2x) Time has turned into space ports, and I rocket past the moon, Say your goodbyes now, I’ll be in the wormhole soon. This planet wasn’t made …

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