Tuesday , 7 July 2020

Arab Strap

Kate Moss

Don’t try and tell me kate moss ain’t pretty. Don’t try and make me believe. Don’t try to force me to let you boss me when i’m pretending to leave. I knew that you could ruin my good mood. That’s exactly what you’ve done. We sat there silent ,you got violent. Going out with you used to be fun. You’re …

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Little Girls

I will never love you Do what you will. I will never lick you The way i do so well. You now weaken your voice "ah, hey". I will never talk to you Do what you will. You will never make me smile The way you did so well. You now meet with your boys "ah, hey". Most of all …

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Phone Me Tonight

Phone me tonight when you’re pissed. just to tell me that i’m missed. Tell me you want me in your cunt. tell me you’re not sure what you want. I tried to tell you, i made it clear. i think you make me not want you here. Phone me tomorrow when you’re sober. Just to tell me it’s all over. …

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The Clearing

Oh, she always used to be the same. She’d be loose with a straight dark facial frame. And now the things that used to turn me off, i find endearing. And they laugh behind the trees and she lays naked in the clearing. I adore, but i ignore her. See, i know it won’t last as i reflect upon my …

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The First Big Weekend

So that was the first big weekend of the summer… Starts thursday as usual with the canteen quiz and again no-one wins the big cash prize. Later i do my sound bloke routine by approaching gina’s new boyfriend to say that he shouldn’t feel that there’s any animosity between us and then i even go and make peace with her …

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Half nine i’m glued to you, then i’ll disappear. call your other side it lasted three year. Fuck love, fight love, fuck love, fight. Fuck love and chuck love ’til tomorrow night. Then start again and lose again. small tablet of pleasure. Fight jock. fuck. fuck love forever. Fuck love, fight love, fuck love, fight. Fuck love and chuck love …

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I Work In A Saloon

I work in a saloon, pulling shit pints for shit wages. It’s a busy night tonight. And the bar is full of all the girls i’ve ever shagged, or tampered with, or kissed, or even just fancied. A pub full of conquests, knockbacks. Between the laughter i can here my name. And then, through the gap between the swing doors …

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Screaming In The Trees

We met on mutual ground But you avoided my gaze Until i lost your face In the next morning’s haze. You’re shoes could’ve woken up the whole street. They drowned out the birds screaming in the trees. We sat down on the stone stairs And i watched the scars on your knees. We met on mutual ground. You fell out …

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Haunt Me

Haunt me. I know You’ll keep me In tow. No laugh, No guide, No limp Beside. So haunt me ’cause i know You’ll keep me In tow. If she’s all I need To love And breed. Then haunt me ’cause i’ll know You’ll keep me In tow. Turbulence You always jump and quiver When you’re coming in to land With …

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