Thursday , 9 July 2020

Aquabats, The

Aquabat March

There’s so much to be happy about In this life what a wonderful chance We have to work hard, play hard And maybe even find yourself a girl And make some romance So don’t you think it’d be so lame To get all crazy drunk And start a fight? We’d much rather dance with some girls So if you want …

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Cd Repo Man

(chorus) Cd repo man He can go where i can’t go Cd repo man He’ll infiltrate your stereo Cd repo man He’ll sneak up around the back Cd repo man He’ll get your cds back Some people who seem to Call themselves my friends Take my cds Then they all pretend That they lost my music But i’ve got a …

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It’s Crazy Man!

Permanecer sentado! Churro! Tonight’s the night baby Let’s go to the show Spend some money honey? Sure, i’ll spend some dough We got to the spot I knew something was wrong When she opened her mouth To sing along Whoa! whoa! Don’t say it’s true Woah! woah! I don’t know what to do Woah! woah! It’s such a waste, you …

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When i was a boy i used to live in corduroy Op shirts and slip-on vans. My life was so simple I had not one pimple, My everyday was made up of these plans: To ride my bike to thrifty’s, Run past the balls and ice cream and Find the star wars figurines. Thinking of my action men, Kung-fu grip …

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Martian Girl

Here’s a story that must be told It’s kinda’ new, not very old About a female martian with a wild grin Big orange eyes and green skin Blue was her hair She came from way up there She wore silver underwear Almost naked but she didn’t care Why oh, why did she come from Planet v? I don’t know woh …

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Ska Robot Army

They’re coming to take over Huh! Look out behind you and Beware of the ska robot army! They’re coming to take over To terrorize the earth They’re skanking in their best suits, so Beware of the ska robot army!

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Idiot Box

Now now now I’m just a boy I watch too much tv Nobody knows, nobody knows Casper the ghost is so friendly Nobody knows, nobody knows Sitting in my living room With nothing else to do I think i’m going blind Just like mr. magoo I know every single ending Of every scooby doo Now (chorus) Turn off the idiot …

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The Cat With Two Heads

Science brings gifts of convenience To the modern man Modern man then continues Continues to expand But what happens when man creates Something oh so wrong Nature bites back in a big way Good heavens what have i done! (bridge) I kept it in a box I watched it grow a lot It chewed right through the lock And ate …

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Pinch And Roll

Everyday when i get in my car It’s a honda, you know I sit on down but i don’t get too far You wanna know why? ‘cuz i’ve gotta reach down And scratch an itch In an area, an area That’s so sensitive So i do a (chorus) Pinch and roll (x2) (everybody do a) pinch and roll (x2) (if …

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