Tuesday , 14 July 2020


We’ve Come For You All / Shaker

The mind can atrophy such mediocrity things aren’t what they seem sometimes and every waking dream repeating central theme if we don’t wake up do we die? and when the best can be worse than what’s usually found it’s all between the lines then patience starts to bleed increasing enmity its time to let the bullets fly developed all exposure …

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What Doesn’t Die

First in last out overthrown It’s been picked clean to the bone And so hard to remember things Like when we used to kill our kings Crusading for hypocrisy Under our nose the holy bleed Crumbling under its own weight Apologies it don’t relate ’cause You cannot kill What doesn’t die Live up to my promise My full potential realized …

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When you praise my name i’ll fulfill your expectation looking for an answer that’ll dignify your prayers What remains when your savior becomes human? You feel the legend something sacred you cant understand becomes bigger than the man. Chorus PRAY FOR HELP CRY OUT SCREAM FOR ME NOW IM NOT YOUR SUPERHERO PRAY FOR HELP CRY ILL SCREAM FOR U …

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Refuse To Be Denied

Proud and free that’s American to me Symptomatically, and so basically it’s so definite , freedom is all of it no humaity without restraint refuse to be denied refuse to compromise your ideology always a lie it’s jigoistic or nationalistic or whatever the hell you want to call it with my raised fist never to be denied I stand and …

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Safe Home

I’ve been down this road once or twice before Through the open door, I come falling through it There’s a sign post up ahead, like a watershed And it opens my eyes Ways, for me to begin To be born again And knowing for the first time Ways, all so differently Shine for me to see The better man that …

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Any Place But Here

Beneath by breath you take still you’re gasping for air miles and miles you move into abyss you stare running form the plight mighty grip it’s hold and that hunger’s hanging on but never to the fold with endurance as the earth behind you burns you can feel heat keep your will and never turn come on, follow closely come …

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Nobody Knows Anything

I’ve been choking on the air that you’ve been giving me it’s all a game to you, to me it’s an atrocity as you add another loop onto my noose i lose all sense of what is abuse ’cause it’s always been a bone of contention this game of "what it is that I’ve done for you" I’ve given you …

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Strap It On

And my plate is full And I feel the pull And my time is spent Searching for something that came and went Take me back Take me back to a golden time From ’75 to ’79 And it makes it easy, so easy for me Strap it on Strap it on my old school I change by staying the same …

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Black Dahlia

Hardcase Fist full of brass Double barrelled pistons and a tank full of gas He’s a heavyweight Enforcer inside Like a man in the chair he’s gonna go for a ride Break him Take him down Squeeze him, watch him drown Against lightning The wind from his sails Take on a man who’s harder than a coffin nail Priceless, the …

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