Thursday , 9 July 2020

Angie Martinez

Live From The Streets

Featuring beanie sigel, brett, kool g. rap & the l.o.x. [unknown singer] Ohhhhh.. senorita.. when the evening sun go down I come to.. serenade you.. from another part, of town {*car tires peeling out*} [angie martinez] Let’s get it on it’s angie mar’ reportin live from the streets From y.o. to philly and harlem to q.b. When it drops it’s …

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Go!! (muthafuka)

Angie: what’s this? (unfolding of letter) Angie & guy: dear angie Guy: i know we’ve been together a long time boo But i’m writing this letter cus I really couldn’t face you like It’s kinda ill I gotta a lot things going on right now And i met somebody too So i need a little space ma for real [hook] …

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Thug Love

Featuring fat joe & l-burna [l-burna hook: repeat 2x] Thug love, thug love All she ever wanted was that thug loooooove Thug love, thug love All she ever wanted was that thug, love [angie – over end of hook] Yo, hey yo, uhh Yo, yo, yo-yo, uhh Aiyyo i met him at a club, spendin dubs, mr. superthug Pulled up …

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Mi Amor

Featuring jay-z Chorus: jay-z (angie martinez) How you say my love in spanish? (mi amor) (how you say my love in thug) can i hit it raw? In the backseat of my jeep, or maybe on the floor (easy papi) nah mami, teach me more (tráteme especial means treat me special) I ain’t got no time for that now, dame …

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Dem Thangz

Featuring q-tip [chorus: q-tip] Girl, you gotta move dem thangz, dem thangz I wanna see you move dem thangz, dem thangz In the hood dawg, you know they move dem thangz, dem thangz Cause ain’t a damn thing changed man, they move dem thangz (yeah, it’s my thang) [a] yeah, i know how to move it.. (yeah, it’s my thang) …

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Live At Jimmy’s

live at jimmy’s Graso, vamos pa’l club (?) seguro que no Que ah’ta angie martinez, ‘ta cuban link y domingo Una cosita ahque te voy a poner por los pie Pa ‘certe bailar, tu ve carajo, va ser coño, tigeraso.. [chorus: domingo] Jimmy, copacabana, in miami, little havana Ay.. latin quarters, la gran manzana We’re gonna party hasta por la …

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Silly Niggaz

Featuring uneek [intro] On any day, in the hood In front of any building, you can find some chicks And what will they talk about? niggaz [a] yo, yo get the fuck outta here! [u] yeah, that fuckin bum motherfucker [u] pico and shit from around the corner, that nigga be wildin [angie] Uh-huh, yeah.. [uneek] I know this player …

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No Playaz

Featuring lil’ mo & tony sunshine Whoo! Chorus: angie and lil’ mo Even though you got no money Other chicks be actin funny It don’t matter boy cuz i got love for you [a nice guy that like to fuck alot] I’m so tired of all these playaz And i don’t mean to be a hater But i know just …

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