Thursday , 9 July 2020

Angela Via

Picture Perfect – Boy Wonder Mix

Angela- como el cielo y las estrellas Guy-yall ready 4 this Angela- tu y yo somos un Guy- its the remix Angela- retrato perfecto Guy- here we go Angela- used to be mine Guy- thats right, boy wonder Angela- *laughs* Guy- angela via Guy- remix Angela- were picture perfect -all of this time, guess i must have been blind Not …

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Wonderland (yeah ohh yea ooh) Slipping sliding Free fall flying Spinning, spiral, stripping around Reeling, rolling tipping, toeing Think were going underground It’s a whole new world On the other side We can find our friend At the end of the line No matter where we fall Or where we land I believe we’re a part Of a master plan …

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I Don’t Care

Verse 1 That boy is working you Be careful what you do They say he’s nothing But trouble with an attitude Well-meaning intervention My friends with good intentions Say if you don’t walk away, Girl you must be crazy They don’t see through these eyes They don’t feel with this heart They don’t know what it’s like They’re not kissin’ …

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Kissing You

pride can stand thousand trials The strong will never fall But watching stars without you My soul cries Heaving heart is full of pain Ohh, ahh the aching ’cause i’m kissing you, ahh I’m kissing you, love Touch me deep, pure and true Give to me forever ’cause i’m kissing you, ahh I’m kissing you love And where are you …

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Picture Perfect

All of this time Guess i must have been blind Not to see you and me We’re picture perfect Now baby we’ve been friends For such a long, long time We’ve been through laughs And we’ve been through cries But lately have you seen The way my tongue gets tied Can’t hardly speak when i look into your eyes It’s …

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So Fly

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So You Say

So you say you wanna be my baby So you say you wanna be my baby You should know that we’ve been this road before You’ve been asking me so anxiously to give you one more chance with me You know i’m not the type to give my heart away You can wrap me ’round your finger with the pretty …

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Start Over Again

baby i still can’t believe the way that i went off On what you said the other night Guess it must have been then way you said it Cause somehow it really tore me up inside. And i wish i would have made you stay,to try to make everything ok Cause you know it’s never been like me to lash …

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Stay Together

Don’t worry baby Just cause i’m goin’ away It’s only for a little while Soon i’ll be back to stay. See, no one in this whole wide world Could make me feel the way you do So baby you should know that i I only wanna be with you… Goina stay together, whatever it takes If it takes all the …

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