Thursday , 16 July 2020

American Idol

Charles Grigsby – Overjoyed

Over time, I’ve been building my castle of love, oh Just for two Though you never knew you were my reason I’ve gone much too far for you now to say That I’ve got to throw my castle away Over dreams Over dreams I have picked out a perfect come true Though you never knew it was of you I’ve …

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Rickey Smith – Back at One

It’s undeniable That we should be together It’s unbelievable How I used to say That I’d fall never The basis is need to know If you don’t know Just how I feel Then let me show you now That I’m for real If all things in time Time will reveal (chorus) One You’re like a dream come true Two Just …

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Corey Clark – Open Arms

Lying beside you here in the dark Feeling your heart beat with mine Softly you whisper You’re so sincere How could our love be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are by my side So now I come to you with open arms Nothing to hide Believe what I say So here I am …

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Carmen Rasmusen – How Do I Live (Without You)

How do I get thru one night without you, If I had to live without you, What kind of life would that be. Oh and I, I need you in my arms Need you to hold, You’re my world, my heart, my soul. If you ever leave Baby, you would take away Everything good in my life. Without you there’d …

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Kimberly Locke – Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true One day I’ll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops …

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Ruben Studdard – Superstar

Long ago, and, oh, so far away I fell in love with you before the second show. Your guitar, and it sounds so sweet and clear, but you’re not really here. It’s just the radio. Don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby? You said you’d be coming back this way again baby. Baby, baby, baby, baby, oh, …

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Clay Aiken – On The Wings Of Love

Just smile for me and let the day begin You are the sunlight that lights my heart within I’m sure that you’re an angel in disguise Come take my hand and together we will rise On the wings of love up and above the clouds The only way to fly is on the wings of love On the wings of …

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