Thursday , 9 July 2020


When You Need Someone

1 – when you need someone Sometimes it’s hard to run Away from everything you’re feeling I know that i wanna be with you And i know that one day all my dreams will come true I just wanna kiss you And show you how i feel Boy my love is real, oh 2 – all the times that you …

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You’re Gonna Love Me

When i’m alone in my room Fantasies run through my mind And i’ve come to realize that I need someone And if you wanna be that someone I’ll be naked Nowadays things aren’t always what they seem Even in my wildest dreams i couldn’t have you Things you say always make me go insane Wondering if i am the blame …

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Anything You Want

I use to think that Love could never happen To someone like me Until i saw you walking next to me Now i’m certain that anything can happen But i need you to help me Baby set me free 1 – anything you wanna do I’ll be right by your side I’ll be there to give you all the love …

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Give You All I Got

Yo, met this piece by the name of sharise She had a fly 190 resting in jones beach You know when we be kickin’ everyday cliche Yo boo can i poly with you What! make my day She threw her chin up in the air Said yeah Your style is played out black like last year What do you mean, …

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Head Over Heels

Boy i can’t understand it See i never really felt Like i do when i’m around you baby And i just can’t explain it But i’m feeling so high And i just can’t deny It’s on you Tell me you want my love Baby please don’t deny What you’re feeling inside Say you’ve been thinking of Holding me, touching me, …

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I’ll Give You Anything

I’ll give you anything Anything you love in me And i’ll make sure that it’s enough for you baby I’ll show you how i feel To let you know my love is real And i’ll make sure that it’s enough for you baby I’ll really want to take the time To get to know you better All these other guys …

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Last Chance

This is my last dance with you This is my only chance to do all i can do To let you know that what i feel for you is real This is the last chance for us This is the moment that i just cannot let end Before i know that there’s a chance we’re more than friends So don’t …

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Mama Said

It was an early summer day But it seems like just yesterday When mama looked right in my face And told me she was going away If i could count all the tears that i crid I’d be empty and lost inside So i’ll try to find a smile And hold my head up high Moma said Don’t cry I’m …

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