Sunday , 12 July 2020

All American Rejects

Happy Endings

Time does tell That even if they say so She’d be the one that would know That I did do what I’ve done And I, I wouldn’t call it cheating I’d just say I was leading her on Why walk while I run a-way You- you ask me what went wrong Me- i’ll write you this last song Please- just …

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The Last Song

This may be the last thing that i write for long Can you hear me smiling when i sing this song, for you and only you As I leave will you be someone to say good-bye As I leave will you be someone to wipe your eye My foot is out the door, and you can’t stop me now You …

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P.S. I Love You

Shes gone away and still they stay together people call me crazy, crazy my thoughts progress I think about forever my mind tells me maybe maybe I wish i could drive away to the sunset back to the day that we first met only believe the things i wrote i put it in a note yeah cross my T’s and …

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Drive Away

She’s gone away, but still they stay together People call me crazy, crazy My thoughts progress, He thinks about forever His mind tells him maybe, maybe I wish I could drive away to the sunset Back to the day that we first met Only believe the things I wrote I’ll put it in a note, yeah I’ll cross my t’s …

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My Paper Heart

Please just don’t play with me My paper heart will bleed This wait for destiny won’t do, be with me please i beseech you Simple things, that make you run away, catch you if i can Tears fall down your face, the taste is something new Something that i know, moving on is, easiest when i am around you So …

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Your Star

She screams when i’m away She’s been gone before. I worry all the time, why worry anymore Now I go, away Now I know, today I picked out your star Turned night to day A simple whisper from your voice And I fade away You wish for love You pushed me away Your love for me was everything I need …

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Swing Swing

Days swiftly come and go. I’m dreaming of her. She’s seeing other guys. Emotions they stir. The sun is gone. The nights are long. And I am left while the tears fall. Did you think that I would cry, on the phone? Do you know what it feels like, being alone? I’ll find someone new. Swing, swing, swing from the …

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Time Stands Still

Him and her Life is turned. The day I knew you would leave I can barely breath Can you hear me scream O-o-o thrown in all directions You epitome of perfection She’s lost her will, >(She’s lost her will)> time is standing still He walks, her, home Now he walks a-lone The days they turn into years The eyes they …

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One More Sad Song

One boy, one girl, two hearts, their world Time goes by, secrets rise One more, sad song, tears shed, she’s gone She’d take it back, if she only could All the perfect words they seem so wrong, She’s gone You wish that you could learn to see, The door is closed and you wish you could be Alone with you, …

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