Thursday , 9 July 2020

Alice Donut

Dead River

New world order out of hand Bloodbath slaughter on the hot white sand Roman orgy a burning stake The head of the baptist wiggling on a plate New world order for a texas god Bloodbath slaughter black crude jihad Blacks and hispanics poor white trash Snug in the plastic of a bodybag No no not one senator’s son Will die …

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How i love to sleep I was back in mahomet, illinois, A mongoloid child played with Aa bright orange smurf ball Gurgling to himself contentedly Next to a tree. in the middle Of the street stood a small Repulsive chihuahua-like beast with Huge bulging lascivious eyes and sickly Liver spotted skin. it llifted its tail And i saw a strange …

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Pretty you make it look so eaasy So pretty you make it look so sexy Blood’s dripping from the headlines In censored lust With kinder and gentler Offensive thrusts Goebbels on the networks A warm virile touch A massive and decisive Sudden sex flush Lotte lenya’s cheekbones on a sunni muslim nun Straddling the carbine of a spewing gatling gun …

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Sitting in the sun Waiting for the millennium They say that history’s coming to an end Nothing happens now Since the wall came down Can’t remember where i was back then It don’t mean a thing Throw it all away In the new millennium It don’t mean i even meant it Sitting in the sun Waiting for the millennium Looking …

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