Tuesday , 14 July 2020


I Luh Hur

My girl is pregnant, i’m ready to start splitting All around the town on the down low was the girl that i was hitting Everyone knows i used to luh huh I don’t want this pregnant talk to get back to my mother Shit! i just can’t believe it I thought me and this lady had came to a mutual …

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* heavy breathing * Check this out man All this gym shit Runnin around for a scholarship Ain’t even my style man I don’t even know what the fuck i’m doin in this shit Bout to get the fuck up out of this shit Ain’t even with this [akinyele] Me play sports? don’t place your bet I’m not the type …

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No Exit

I wanna get out this relationship But i’m scared that my man will flip He always swears how he’s gonna kill me And fill me with the bullets from his clip [verse 1] I met her in queens her personality was erotic She asked me where i come from, and i just replied "the projects" Love at first sight as …

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30 Days

I never did time, committed mad crime Only paid rhymes, but now niggaz drop dimes Harmonizin on a homicide rap Singin in the precinct, tryin to catch an r&b contract Now they hit me with a one to three, personal-ly Conspira-cy, it don’t mean shit to me The time will go fast, because i’m true blue On the dl, back …

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Rather Fuck You ["featuring Complexion/curly"]

(akinyele) Is the bronx up in here Is queens up in here Is brooklyn up in here Staten island (curly) hook 2x I’d rather fuck you girl (??????????) Spread out spread out spread out (complexion)(during hook) Woman when it come to other gee’s We tell them bitches to flee (complexion) Now we could start this shit up on the living …

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Put It In Your Mouth ["featuring Kia Jefferies"]

[featuring crystal johnson] Intro: >my baby left me last night >and then i met his best friend >and he took me to his house >and i said…i said… (what you said baby)>let me tell you what i said >put it in my mouth She said put it in her mouth >i said my muthafuckin mouth I mean her muthafuckin mouth …

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Put It In Your Mouth

put it in your mouth [crystal johnson] My baby left me, Left me sad and blue I didn’t know what to do… Without my baby baby baby baby And then i met his best friend And he took me to his house And i said… i said… (what you said baby) let me tell you what i said Put it …

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The Robbery Song

Hook Niggas know we do robberies, we ain’t running up in no crib for 2 g’s We want about 50 thou and 4 ki’s And maybe after that we just might breath But if you think it can’t happen, nigga please We put you on your knees, like you was praying We ain’t playing It’s the o-ffi-cial, o-rig-inal, season-al, motherfucking …

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