Thursday , 16 July 2020


Movin’ On

Intro Yeah, yeah, this is Mario "Yellow Man" Winans And I wanna introduce to ya’ll today, two sisters and they go by the name of AJA and we Go’n do it a lil something like this Yeah, Big3, Yellow City, Just clap with us Come on, Yeah, Yellow Man, Hey yo AJA Kick that 1st verse for me come on …

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Shake It Baby

Intro A woo Awoo Verse 1 Stepped in the club and the party don’t stop Till we get here let the 808-drop (boom) Don’t stop DJ keep it rockin This beat gonna keep your head knockin (ah ooo) If we say holla holla back (woo hoo) Got a little this and a little that (woo hoo) Boy if I hit …

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He’s all mine

(Intro repeat) Oh oh (Verse 1) In the middle of the night I hear my phone ring When I go to say hello I hear nothing And I know it’s you playing on the phone Wishing you were here But your home alone You got nothing else Better to do Tryna play games But the game’s on you And your …

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