Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Agony Scene, The

The Lines Of Suicide

my heartstrings cease to strain i’ve aquired a taste for poisoned lips drank deep of this disease in me adored with prying eyes beneath a mask made of flesh and thorns collected from the ones she’d loved before her eyes were opened wide she now could see forever traced deep the marks she’d made with her razor the lines of …

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Eyes Sewn Shut

dead skin weathered lifeless and torn the eyes sewn shut and tounge form the mouth she lay bleeding scarlet stains ripped out the stiches his hands blasphemy

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Shotgun Wedding

she wasn’t born in that brothel i’m told well aware of where she was well aware of where she’d end up in what position dressed in red down on her knees she’d done this sort of thing before choaking back on this disease dressed to kill to die for her pretty face hides the demons inside the kind that haunt …

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in the midnight hour we wished for dawn alas we’ve reaced the final gaze pull the pins from beneath my skin kissing each of your eyelids closed murderer she looks beautiful bleeding and the tears fell down so tired i crawl deep inside of her i stole a glance of your heart beating i watched until your lungs ceased bleeding, …

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The Damned

songs made of whispers silent screams like a choral of the dead needles prick the softest skin and the breeze screams bloodlust these eyes gazing over the hilltops burning red the night skies seem to follow me blanketing me with crowds of grey and black the crowd of the damned screams eyes shown red raise the dead the breeze screaming …

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We Bury Our Dead At Dawn

Their whispers become like cries tears fall from blinded eyes ninty nine have burned as embers ninty nine have lost their lives tired arms now fight for life amidst the crashing waves they’re drowning will you hold me until mornings light and i’ll tell you what its like to die tonight, its too late to cry now she sees her …

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Habeas Corpus

stabwounds will take their toll murderer with her smile and as an afterthought she kept the heart he gave her beauty can be so cruel she once swore him forever to make good on her word ensured he’d never leave her she lies and whispers loving words he lay bleeding on this floor a sigh a kiss will end his …

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they shut their eyes now that night has fallen and pray the wolves are kept at bay for now the mist hangs arms wide open like some cruel depiction of Christ for now the silence comforts lost souls who in this moment hang gracefully by the dead hidden by shadows who’ve come to take them in their sleep falling farther …

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