Thursday , 9 July 2020



[intro: m.o.p.] Hahahahahaha Now it’s about to be talked about [afu-ra] You’re gettin slapped by my grammar Vocals like a hammer, with roots from alabama I’m under cover, make moves like no other In dark alleys, you’re gettin opened from your belly I rock spots for blocks, i knock you inna skelly I know you’re jelly, because fame, billy & …

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(bridge 1) Slow down, don’t rush I’m here to keep the peace but i’m prepared to say, ay Slow down, don’t rush I’m here to keep the peace but i’m prepared, now i say (chorus-afu-ra) Yeah, i pledge allegiance to the hip-hop Yeah, i pledge allegiance to it nonstop What, i pledge allegiance to the hip-hop Yeah, i pledge allegiance …

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[hook 4x: samples scratched by dj premier] "uprising surprising" "knowledge wisdom understanding" [afu-ra] Smooth like johnny cochran, i keep it movin through brooklyn Base against the hymn, brings the sweat to the skin Reminisce of the days as a shorty Had no stress, no bills, was comin for me I lived it up, yeah, money ain’t a thing Never thought …

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Bring It Right

[chorus] If you wanna rock the clubs, you can too If you wanna pop the bubb’, give me a clue If you wanna rock the ice, and your style is tight Well you gotta tell ’em, yo, they gotta bring it right [afu-ra] It’s the, rap spectacular, cardiovascular You see these lyrics they gonna laugh at ya You wanna take …

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Whirlwind Thru Cities

Intro (scratched): -yes, ah ha, i like the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhymes -all of us are born with a miraculous ability to determine the direction <whistle> from which sounds approach us -let us (scratch) venture into new and un-chartered land -people get shook up ya know when i introduced this god& [verse 1] Energetic, poetic and athletic You know i get …

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Trilogy Of Terror

Samples: "now here in the studio.. Where its all knuckles and know how.. But when that red light goes off.. Just a friendly word of advice.." [afu-ra] You’ll meet your fuckin maker, soon as my ink strike the paper Its the trilogy of terror, don’t step outside your area Heavy verses cause curses, and worsens Some’ll search this, while my …

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Self Mastery

[afu-ra] The key is self mastery, mentally and physically Escapin dramas, plaguin the world, it’s never easy, g Society is straight up, set up to hurt you Indirectly, with god logic, it’s diabolic Let me kick it most importantly trick-nology Leave that similac alone, breast feed your seeds The gift of motherhood, you pass on your antibodies Defense against sickness, …

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Mortal Kombat

[intro] Perverted monks style ’99 style, knowhatimsayin? Comin at cha, this how we do [afu-ra] Paraplegic, my fightin stance too strategic No shadows on my kicks too much chi horrific To be specific, i’m comin threw with jiu-jitsu Bone crushin bone breakin as i get into Scorpion styles, with the speed of a cheetah Hit your pressure points with light …

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