Thursday , 9 July 2020

After 7

Not Enough Hours In The Night

i got so much i want to say I got so much i want to do There never seems to be enough Time to be with you, so let me Hold you in my arm and when the Moment here and gone i’ll be Missing you. it’s not fair when The morning come and the night Must fade, ooh i …

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One Night

Babyface and l.a. reid You’ve got that look in your eyes And i’ve got plans for 2 Though you’re the kinda girl Who likes to take her time with love I’d gladly wait forever for you But in the middle of the night*** I know something ain’t right We’ve got something special girl Let’s give it a try 1 night …

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Ready Or Not

l.a. reid and babyface I’ll give the sun The rain The moon The stars and the mountains I’ll give you the world And all that you wish for And even more Girl i love you more than you could know And that’s for sure I’d climb the highest hill Cross the widest sea Nothin could discourage me And i pray …

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Sara Smile

verse 1 Baby hair with a womans eyes and i can feel you watching in the night All alone in me i’m waiting for the sunlight my baby when i feel cold You warm me and when i feel that i cant go on you come and hold me and its you And me forever sara Chorus Smile (smile) why …

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Taking My Time

You blow my mind, with the things you do to me Girlie i can’t resist your luscious lips caressing my body How do you keep not from fallin Fallin in love, with a girl that can do you The way you like to be done You blow my mind with the things you do to me girlie i cant resist …

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Heat Of The Moment

L.a. reid and babyface There comes a time in every man’s life You’re gonna do wrong I made a mistake girl..just let me.. Just let me explain I can’t believe it Although i did it I’ve never been that kinda man I must admit it I wasn’t with it But you were the best i’ve ever had Right now i’m …

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Can He Love You Like This?

You give him all your love, well You know you don’t get that love in return How could i get you to know And though you seen it comin’ Girl you just couldn’t get that man to ever learn So this time i hope you move on Cause you know, i’m what your missin And you know that i’m good …

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I wanna lay with you girl And feel your body over me Give me a piece of your time And i know that i’ll convince you to be mine I’m gonna love ya, love ya so sweet There is never a time you wont be sexually pleased Know how to work it Give what you need Even though i know …

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He Said, She Said

Aw randy ran what’s up. we talkin bout girlies If you think your wrong, then you know your right Gettin into my buisness, just aint satisfied Better stop dippin girl It dont become of you You got too much time on your hand oh baby If your lovin me Keep on lovin me Dont let this silly girl distract you …

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