Tuesday , 7 July 2020


A Poorly Painted Portrait

They threw a painting Over our eyes Of a perfect world Without lies They hide the darkness That’s not to be shown They are nothing but heartless Out of the unknown Chorus: 1x They hide it all Over our eyes To make sure We don’t know their lies The hidden truth They wont tell They can fucking All go to …

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American Filth

Worried about material shit Not about our dying world Everything seems to go to waste When you see the destructive things You are controlled by paper So you can afford your life Buy it back from our great country Nothing is ever free Chorus: 4x American Filth It dictates your every move It controls your minds thoughts It makes you …

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You come And destroy what you want To make it how you like Tear down everything we made To put it how you like No remorse for the people you kill No thoughts for their close ones There is only one thought on your mind Destruction Chorus: 1x We create You destroy Everything you could ever want Creation Destruction With …

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Lambs To The System

Our political system Is worthless rules They are used to make us Their petty tools There is no reason They just want power So they can control the world At the end of the hour Chorus: 2x Liberate your lives And be set free We are not your lamb In this world of greed They go to war To help …

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Revolt for Life

Get up Don’t believe What you see Only trust What you believe Secret shit They hide from us To keep us Trusting in them Sending troops To win wars Gain control Of the world Kill us all One by one So they Have domination Chorus: 2x We don’t care what Any of you want to do We wont sit back …

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Damaging thoughts Global wars All for the price To live like whores Useless deaths Worthless world Everyone to control it all Nothing here In this pit With our corrupt minds Now they come For us all To gain power Our our lives Chorus: 4x Butchers Fucked up lives Live in fear From the ones That we destroy We are free …

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The End is Here

I will fucking be I can fucking see All the fucked up shit Not allowed to see Global domination Is your first priority Drag us along just for fun To sacrifice our bodies Bitch Kill us all for fun and games Now we show you our game Grab your fucking throat Pray to your abandoned god Chorus: 2x It will …

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