Sunday , 5 July 2020

Adam Sandler

The Goat Song

Performed by adam sandler, allen covert, jon rosenburg, and mike thompson I am a simple goat I live on the back of a pick-up truck The old man tied me here with a 3-foot rope Am i happy he don’t give a fuck He’s filled with anger, and filled with rage And tells me i smell like piss His drink, …

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Red Hooded Sweatshirt

Performed by adam sandler and i. maxtone-graham My mom bought you when i was just 13, The brightest red sweatshirt i ever seen. She got an extra large so i wouldn’t grow out, "that’s too big for you!" the other kids would shout. But we stuck together, we didn’t quit, And now the children say, "what a perfect fit." I …

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What The Hell Happened To Me?

Performed by adam sandler Transcribed by drkxpacdx. Hey you guys, i just wanted to thank you for listening to the record and i hope you had as much fun as i did and here’s one last little diddy just for you. I used to ride my big wheel, and sell lemonade, Eat popcorn with grandpa while we watched the parade …

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Performed by adam sandler, allen covert, and jon rosenburg Schnine He’s a pretty good guy He’s nice to his neighbors You can count on him to buy your school candy bars He’s a real nic guy He’s always got the jumper cables He’ll take your mail in when you’re on vacation He’s a good-hearted man Volunteers at the library He’ll …

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The Lonesome Kicker

Performed by adam sandler, allen covert, jon rosenburg, and teddy castellucci Me, i’m the lonesome kicker Extra points, field goals at your service One might think it comes with glory You might think different after you listen to my story My helmet is equipped with a tiny face mask What it possibly could protect, i do not know The other …

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Bad Boyfriend

Performed by adam sandler Why don’t you pick up after your done? I’m not your slave I’m not your mother I’m not your maid I mean i’ve got a life too So fuck you! Why can’t you be nicer to my friend? They’re gonna be here soon Last time they were here You just sat in the bedroom Friday you …

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Pickin’ Daisies

Performed by adam sandler, alan covert, and jon rosenberg 6 what’s the matter honey, are you not feeling well? It’s okay, momma will take care of you Not really sick, but don’t you know i still say i am Dad just mumbles, "there goes my girlie son acting up again" How could you be my kid Mom knows i’m faking …

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Cordurory Blues

Performed by adam sandler When i was a boy There was no limit to what i could eat Shake after shake after shake after shake Followed by all kinds of red meat Metabolism runnin’ around so fast My body never gained to weight That pissed off all my momma’s friends And made my big-boned sister irate But now i’m a …

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