Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Acid Drinkers

I Mean Acid / Do you Like It?

It’s not true, that I’m a drunkard Even though mother damned a thousand times, It’s not true, that I’m ungreatful But I’m not without a blemish too. It’s true, Jim has almost killed me Even though he wasn’t my master It’s true – I’m not afraid of acid And I’d like everything right now. Somebody said that I’m a kid …

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Waitin’ For The Hair

Fifty bears jumped on my neck And fago told me it would come back, yeah! He said: "Sometimes it’s very painful When they are biting and trying to suck, suck!" You see, this evening as an executioner Tormented me again And lost apostles kicked my ass! Kicked so strong And the colored lady did nothing To make me feel well …

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Barmy Army

Swimmin’ in shit I’ve got all on command Always, everywhere I’ve got something to do, The screams of blockheads – almost shootin’ the dead Oh! What’s the stink, revolutions in my brain! On one command we wake up, we’re a mob Followin’ the madmen we bleed by our eyes, And one shout gives us a dream A big problem we’ve …

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Del Rocca

Certainly Rocca in his stinkin’ uniform Settles matters with Chianti, sitting in La Scala Scrawling on a piece of the wall, stresses it word by word He sells pills to dirty imbeciles. He sets off, lookin’ for viruses So that his easy hand makes the strings sound He says: "I believe, but not everyone" He talked with an acid head, …

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