Sunday , 12 July 2020


The Grandfather Clock

[jabberwocky] Excuse me, does anyone have the time? No!!! [aceyalone] If you knew what makes me tick It’ll probably make you sick Lay my days of my life in front of you And i’ll let you take your pick Come on Pull back the curtain but make sure that you are certain That it will be worth the energy that …

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The Reason

[aceyalone] Music please… Yeah You want to know the reason You want to know the reason The reason is we gotta have those guidelines I’ma break the guidelines I’ma move the barriers I’ma cross over the barricade And we gotta have balance The reason is balance The reason is everything gotta be weighed out and smoothed out And be in …

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The March

I was born.. I was born.. I was born.. I was born in a concrete jungle And i learned to make my own way (learned to make my own way) I was raised by streets and the beats And the books and crooks of l.a. I was taken by the power of the word And i had a whole lot …

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The Vision

Today Sunday On the nineteenth day of october at one a.m. Nineteen ninety seven I had a vision No, well not exactly like a vision No but like a sight Well not exactly like a sight but more like a dream Yeah like a daydream Like two scenes short of a nightmare Except i wasn’t scared Looking at the lines …

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The Faces

Right there…cool Come here Let me holler at you face to face See ace been place to place I seen a million of em They look at me for a split second Then they grin, never to be seen again But it’s locked in, so i can read every line Its written all over your upside down mind With an …

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The Hunt

The hunter and the hunted They hunt for you they hunt for me The hunter and the hunted They hunt for you they hunt for me The hunter and the hunted They hunt for her they hunt for him The hunter and the hunted They hunt for us they hunt for them Whenever i’m awake i look, out Never know …

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The Catch

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The Thief In The Night

As i awaken Born from the slums and taken Through the ritual, childhood, puberty, adulthood, maturity And mastery of me And my surroundings counting down the days till i’m exposed, "i hear it move swiftly" underneath the nose Till one day you’re face to face you’re gonna cross the line You’re lost for time Life lose diminished Heart beat finished …

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