Sunday , 5 July 2020

Aaron Tippin

What This Country Needs

If i was runnin’ this country I’d start it over from scratch Keep what’s good, pile up what’s bad And then i’d strike the match Yeah, we’d go back to the basics Of how things ought to be Yeah, there’d be a lot of changes If it was left up to me ’cause what this country needs Is a little …

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When Country Took The Throne

(aaron tippin/buddy brock) Just a skinny little mississippi railroad man That loved to sing and play He brought his music from the cotton fields To the the hillbilly hall of fame Thank god for jimmie rodgers Chisel his name in the cornerstone I just wish he could’ve lived to see the day When country took the throne Now a million …

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Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagle Fly

(aaron tippin) Well if you ask me where i come from Here’s what i tell everyone I was born by god’s dear grace In an extraordinary place Where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly It’s a big ‘ol land with countless dreams Happiness ain’t out of reach Hard work pays off the way it should Yeah, i’ve seen …

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Whole Lotta Love On The Line

(aaron tippin/donny kees) I’ve called from every run down phone booth in atlanta, georgia Tryin’ to find someone to tell me where you’d gone I begged and pleaded with your mama ’til she gave me this number Honey, we can work it out Just come back home ’cause there’s a whole lotta love on the line And all i need …

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Without Your Love

I was born on the wrong of the city Desperation in my mother’s eyes Factory whistle would wake me in the morning At night the sirens sang my lullaby Fought my way out of the blue collar jungle Heart of leather and hands of steel Thought i was too much of a sole survivor To ever feel the way i …

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Working Man’s Ph.d.

(aaron tippin/bobby boyd/philip douglas) You get up every morning ‘fore the sun comes up Toss a lunchbox into a pickup truck A long, hard day sure ain’t much fun But you’ve gotta get it started if you wanna get it done You set your mind and roll up your sleeves You’re workin’ on a working man’s ph.d. With your heart …

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You Are The Woman

(aaron tippin/donny kees) You are the woman Who started a fire in my soul And to this day it’s still burning out of control With my final breath your name will cross my tongue You are the woman there’ll never be another one I’ve stared into the eyes of strangers Wondering if i’d ever find you girl The one that …

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