Tuesday , 7 July 2020

Aalina and Sana


She became a queen And she had everything But in turn, she wasnt happy She was left inside Oh but a lonely room With nothing to do CHORUS She was alone Yet she had so many friends She was alone And she wanted to make amends too roo roo too too do do too roo roo too too do do …

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Will you be there for me?

Didnt think I knew what I was doin How could i be so blind? Then you came and you showed me the reason why i shouldn’t cry. Yesterday when it was freezing You came and held me tight Suddenly I knew what I was doin cuz being with you felt so right CHORUS When im down will you come and …

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I’m gone

So often that i cant describe the pain you’ve given me So often that I cant tell you how i feel But you know i’ve tried you know i’ve worked so hard But you still decide to go And you still decide to leave No matter how much I try No matter how much I do It’s never good enough …

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