Monday , 6 July 2020

3rd Bass

Triple Stage Darkness

"you are sleeping! you do not want to believe. You are sleeping!" * dj richie rich cuts "guide you out of triple stage darkness" -> rakim, +i ain’t no joke+ And chuck d saying "follow for now!" * "prime minister!" [pete nice] Black zone darkness, void as snakepit So i’ma spit a lyric at the packed lip Sit stunned i …

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Oval Office

"this recording, is a collection Of unintended indiscretions before microphone" "oh who locked the door?" "a hard man is good to find." "open the door!" "the principles.. of friction" [nice] this feeling’s a function, so step to this [serch] ain’t the average boys who do this [nice] door is opened, to office summoned [serch] yo pete i think you’re in …

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Sons Of 3rd Bass

"here’s my advice to all amateurs plannnnnnnning to give a performace: Speak up, and keep the act moving" [mc serch] Servin the role, a sole step-child Talk of c.c. or keep sleepin While wakin up to noise of 3rd b-a-s-s, bass Success is butter for serch’s space Spoken slang gets played like the lottery Your lyrics are incorrect, so you …

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Soul In The Hole

[mc serch] Knowledge on the court, observin what is all around The light goes up, my mic blows up, the silence is now sound Hearin and fearin, the momentum of the stutter step Shook to the left, because the brother slept Crept into his ego, so he caught a bad one Switched my next flip, he thought he had some …

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Come In

Knock knock knock knock, come in come in! Knock knock knock knock, come in come in! Knock knock knock knock, come in!! Who’s at my door? (i don’t know but let him in) [mc serch] Come in, to my cribbo, no reason you’ll say ditto No tea and crumpets, not servin you no vitals Little one sit, i’ll kick to …

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No Static At All

"no static at alllllll…" [mc serch] Beef not needed to waste one Cause trouble don’t feed the bass drum Some so feeble, so play the hoodlum A humdrum liver in bedlam Bet your last buck, you don’t laugh to this Your horse came last behind the cactus Back so strong, you thought wrong a fallacy The groove will whip and …

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Eye Jammie

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Microphone Techniques

{*breathing like darth vader*} The next selection is.. bass filled.. Musical compisition, entitled.. Microphone techniques.. Please check it out.. [greg nice] Get up everybody, it’s time to sway ok Greg nice is on the mic with no delay Get up everybody, it’s time to sway ok Greg nice is on the mic with no delay She, said, her name was …

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Problem Child

[pete nice] Juveniles won’t smile, vows are reckless Sexless raceless souls unrespected Hooligans and street urchins lurkin Doin hoods, a neighborhood’s worst person Raises ? and the pushers and perverts Butchers cut like cold cuts the mind works Wise or weak on the weary and the wicked Plagues a city street swell in evil-fitted Man verse man, the haves against …

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